Password Expiration

When passwords expire:

Passwords will expire 180 days after being set.

Password expiration notification:

You will be notified by email of the upcoming expiration by email at 30, 14, 7 and 3 days before the password expires. The email will direct you to the accounts management site ( where you can change your password. We will never ask you to send us your password. If you receive email that asks you to do that, do not reply to the email.

How do I change my password:

Visit the Accounts management page at and select "Change your password". You will need to know your account username (the part before the @ sign in your email address) as well as your current password. Your new password must contain a minimum of 8 characters and include a minimum of one upper case letter, one lowercase letter, and a number or special character. See [ ] for more information about creating good passwords.

What if I forgot my password:

If you have forgotten your password and you are within the guidelines explained below, you can set a new password by using the questions and answers you supplied during account activation. Visit and choose "Recover a lost password". You must know your student or employee ID (often called EMPLID) and your current account username (the part before the @ sign in your email address). Once you have answered your questions you will be able to set a new password.

What happens if your password expires:

If your password has expired, you cannot log into the account, but you may still use the password change page to change your password for the next 180 days. During this time, email sent to you is received and stored (providing the mailbox is not full) or forwarded if a mail forward is set.

After 180 days past expiration, your account is deactivated and you must visit a help desk to reactivate your account. Email continues to be received and stored, or forwarded.

After 360 days past expiration, if not a current student or employee your account will be deleted. This applies to retirees, alumni, guests, contractors and so on. An email announcing the pending deletion will be sent at 30 and 14 days prior to deletion. Mail is received or forwarded until the account is deleted. Student and employee accounts will be kept in the deactivated state.

For further assistance, email or phone 1-800-696-HELP (4357)