Change Username

You can change your UMS username using the the UMS Account/Username rename tool.  There are several options available:
  • A username based on your full real name
  • A username based on a portion of your real name
  • A username not based on your real name
  • A custom username based on portions of your real name
  • A username based on your preferred name

Begin by reviewing the notes on changing your UMS username. There are potential side effects as a result of changing your UMS username. The highlights are:
  • Username changes are reflected in MaineStreet shortly after you perform an account rename
  • Email sent to your old address (prior to a rename) will be forwarded to the new address for six months only
  • Some systems which use your UMS username will not automatically update to reflect your username change
  • Client programs - such as as email clients - will need to be updated to reflect the new username
  • Note that your Blackboard username will be renamed automatically, though the process may take 1-4 hours to complete.
Have you changed your legal name?

If you are changing your username because you have recently changed your name, you have to have your name changed first in Mainestreet before your new name can be used to change your username. If you are an employee, contact your local HR office. If you are a student, contact your campus Registrar or Office of Student Records.

Using preferred names.

A "preferred name" is a name - or part of your name - that you are known by but is not your legal name. Examples would be a nickname that you are widely known by in preference to your real name, or using your middle name as your first name. Sometimes a last name is retained as a professional identity even if it is changed with marital status.

Students may enter a preferred name in Mainestreet (look for the Names link in the Student Center). Some employees (notably faculty) can set a preferred name in Campus Solutions as well, but please note that preferred names set in Campus Solutions will not be used for employees.

Employees may request a preferred name be set for them by contacting their local HR office.

Change Your Username

If after reviewing the notes you'd still like to change your UMS username, proceed to the UMS Account/Username rename tool.