When an Employee Leaves

University Account Expiration Policy

  • The UMS account (a user’s id and password) will be locked and subsequently deleted after 30 days post separation with some exceptions:
    • If the person is retiring (including Emeriti) they may choose to keep their primary email account.
    • If the person is also a student (or has been in the past 5 years), their email account and access to student focused systems (e.g. Brightspace, MaineStreet) remains.
    • In some cases, a Person of Interest (POI) record has been recorded with an end date in the future (or blank). In those cases the account will remain active until 30 days after the end date (or indefinitely).

Recommended actions:

Note: Google provides Google Takeout to allow account holders to extract information from their account. The information is extracted and made available for download to disk. Drive documents are saved in MS Office formats, PDFs, or graphic format files. Email is stored in the text based mbox format which may be imported using a mail client such as Thunderbird.

  • GMail
    • Utility (departmental) accounts can be transferred to another individual in the department via a request to IT Support Services.
    • Primary and auxiliary accounts:
      • Personal email you wish to save should be moved out of the account.
      • Business related mail that should be preserved can be forwarded to another person in the department.
    • Google Drive
      • Personal documents to save should be downloaded or moved.
      • Business related documents, including shared documents, that are not in Team Drives should have their ownership change (using the “Share” button) to other individuals in the department.
      • Team drives - the “Full access” privilege should be given to another appropriate person so that management of the team drive may continue.
      • Note: Files and folders in Team Drives will not need to be moved or have sharing adjusted providing the Team Drive itself has at least one other person with “Full access” privilege.
    • Google Calendars
    • Google Sites
      • Ownership can be assigned to an appropriate person using the “Share” button.
    • Groups
      • An appropriate person should be given Owner role from the Member listing screen.
    • Local and mapped or shared drives on Desktops/Laptops/Tablets/Phones.
      • Prior to turning in the device, personal files should be removed from the device and any University related files stored locally or on shared drives should be uploaded to Google Drive or Box. Best recommendations would be to upload the files into one or more folders and make sure another individual has appropriate access to be able to preserve and manage the files and folders.

Access to other applications:

  • MaineStreet HR
    • Access to MaineStreet HR self-service will stop when the UMS account is locked and later deleted. If employees wish to preserve paycheck, W2, benefits and other data, they should print that information prior to their account being locked.
    • After self-service access is removed, employees can get this data upon request to their HR office.
  • MaineStreet Financials
    • Access to Financials is terminated based on changes to the person’s job record in Mainestreet HR
  • Brightspace, Kaltura, Zoom
    • Faculty wishing to maintain course information may export their courses and then copy the export files to personal storage that they will have access to after leaving the University. Note: Student data should not be exported with the course.
  • Other systems
    • Employees may have access to other systems and software. Most systems use the UMS account for access and access will terminate when the account is locked. As noted earlier, accounts may persist if the person is retiring, has had standing as a student in the past 5 years or is becoming a student. The department should be aware of these other systems and contact the people responsible for managing each system to ask that access be terminated.
For further assistance, email help@maine.edu or phone 1-800-696-HELP (4357)